Travel Photography

I’ve always collected memories with my camera. It enables me to capture the bits and pieces of my life that makes it so rich and full. Through photographs, I can preserve the emotions, thoughts, and all the stages I go through life.. I can also somehow keep the exact sceneries that fascinated me. For me, it’s like a way of bottling up memories.

The more I travel, the more the collection grow. For so long I’ve been keeping my photographs. Recently, I’ve decided to share it through this medium to welcome everyone who’s interested to have a glimpse of them.

The travel photos I produce, make everyone a tourist in my reality. Each photograph comes with a story, so whenever I post one, I back it up with narratives. This way I can show and share the unwritten travel stories I could not include in my other platforms. This somehow enables me to tell the real side and ‘behind the scenes’ of my little adventures unedited.

Feel free to browse the photos here, be a tourist to my reality… you are welcome here…

This was originally posted on my Instagram account

Published by Kaycie Gayle Yambao

Kaycie Gayle is a digital publisher and a writer who specializes in travel. She is passionate about local and slow traveling.

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